Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to my second post! 
The weathering begins. Ends. Is fixed and begins again! 
In which our hero creates his own brush and starts breaking stuff, paints yellow and breaks his fingers.

Week started like this. Slipped over stuck middle finger through fence. CURSE YOU GRAVITY!
I was thinking this would put paid to my job (colouring in) and my hobby (colouring in) and possibly even prevent me from doing my colouring in! Turns out its a great way to steady your hand! Give it a go. Loosely wrap your middle and ring fingers together with masking/surgical tape and try it out. Its steadied my hand and forced me to slow down and think about what I'm actually doing.

And here is the proof. After masking off the back fins and spending ages attempting to mask off the front section, I gave up and gritted my teeth and did it by eye. 3 layers of yellow perfectly straight with no masking on the nose!

I am awaiting the call to dragons den! Super simple to make this patented "Weathering Brush" you basically need a little roll of sponge and some masking tape. With this one I made a stubby end and a loose end to keep the patterns of damage and paint chips looking even. 

And if used correctly you end up with something like this!

As you can see I have highlighted some of the chips of paint with silver to make them pop and left others as my black and brown mix to give the impression of a single layer of paint being chipped off rather than all of it going straight down to the metal. 

Then went on to dirty up the seams and grunge up the wing. so excited was it with my new brush I went overboard on the chips. Basically making it look like it was being flown by "special pilots" rather than the Emperors finest.

So here is where we are. Up to date and going strong. the engines are next. 
Comments or crit are always welcome!



  1. The 'weathering sponge' was a good idea, I'll use that myself. Good luck with the fragile digit, as it steadies the hand.. off to get a lump hammer :P

    1. I'm working on a mk2 weathering sponge. As it drys out so quickly they die after 3 or 4 uses. I'm thinking of making a socketed brush to insert sponge in. With masking tape of course. As for the lump hammer I find a couple of elastic bands or surgical tape work just as well! :) thank you for reading!

  2. I'm not sure I quite understand how the 'special' weathering brush works? Care to elaborate? I'm looking to paint one of the old style furioso dreads as an airbrush test and want it to look beaten!

    1. its just a bit of sponge with a scraggly bit taped up with masking tape as you can see in the image. if you dab it into a black and dab it on were you want to weather, then dab it in the silver and dab over the black you will get a kick ass metal chipped look. if you want to push it then highlight the big chipped sections with white or a lighter shade of the base colour.