Thursday, March 7, 2013

Greatswords second rank

Another 10 down! And with all my left over bits from knights and demigryphs laying about I figured I would gave the front rank a touch of class! Still more to do with the bases but I'm calling them done. Specially pleased with the champion.
Can't wait to finish my 3rd rank soon.


  1. You know Henry you're gonna have an awesome looking army when this is all done. I've never liked the empire at all really but you're paintjobs are making me want to!

    1. cheers dude! im desperate to get a game in. need to paint 20 swordsmen first tho :( im not looking forward to that. im going to see if i can do them all with my airbrush then detail them at my leisure. i cant wait to see them all on a board tho. and if my opponents army isnt painted im going to throw a wobbly.