Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theodore Bruckner: - how to paint black armour!

A mission. I looked up loads of reference, loads of tutorials and went to a museum to see Henry VIIIs jousting armour.

In the end I came up with my own palette. And it goes something like this. Please keep in mind I have lots still to do on this mini.

1: black undercoat.
2: leadbelcher heavy drybrush
3: Asurmen blue wash heavy
4: nuln oil wash light focusing on crevices
5: kill yourself picking out the highlights of the armour in Gehenna's Gold. Avoid dry brushing this. This should look like a very delicate highlight.

And you should have something that looks like this!


  1. That does look very good.

    Not sure a process that involves killing yourself has a lot to recommend it, though. Think I might err on the side of something simpler...

    1. cheers dude! its not quite killing yourself. but resigning yourself that if you make a mistake making such fine highlights over quite important shading you cant fix it easily. well worth it if you want to make a character pop however. god forbid doing 40 helbarders with this technique!