Saturday, June 22, 2013

Armies on parade: devilfish realism

Right. I have a problem with tau vehicles. So many curvy shapes. Where the hell do you climb up that thing?! Right?!

So. I've stuck a ladder on that bitch! 
With properly spelt instructions too! I got drunk and neurotic ;)


  1. "Where the hell do you climb up that thing?"
    Well I don't think you're supposed to...
    Anyways really like what you did with this model:
    The pale scheme as well as the wear and tear look great together.

    1. cheers dude. and your probably right. but it was such a lovely blank canvas. and i learnt how to write "step" in tau and i did all the freehand. will have a proper photoshoot tonight!

  2. The pale scheme with the weathering gives this mini an impressive realistic look (kinda hard to achieve a realistic look with tau so very good work).