Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Farsight: in and out of suit conversions

I don't like the Farsight model. Same pose as the commander like the 5ton suit can bounce around like a fucking rabbit. It needed to look heavy and bad ass. Sooooo what to do. Tear it apart! The legs into 6bits. Including the kneecap! Which was a pain in the ass. The plasma rifle arm into 3parts. Blah. But I'm happy with how it turned out. 

And finally Farsight outside his suit. 
I love this picture. He looks tired, and old and bad ass. So here is my WIP. It is a very early WIP. 

As you can see I've used parts of the psychic hood from a grey knights terminator and lengthened the legs with a little greenstuff. 
Again using grey knights bitz I've chopped off the back of the dread knight pilot head and sculpted a wizened tau face on the front. 
Quick pin together of the whole model. 

Thanks for reading! And keep checking in as I convert the entire Farsight eight!


  1. I kinda like the dynamic pose of the suit. That said, the out-of-suit Farsight looks awesome. I really like him.

    1. The pose itself is beautiful. Totally agree. I just didn't feel it really fits with the weight of the suit and the aesthetic of the rest of my army, heavy, battered and beaten. glad you like the farsight out of suit model. Lots of sculpting work to do on him. Will keep the blog up to date.