Sunday, December 8, 2013



  1. Henry, great job with this model. Love the lines on the ghosts swards. Solid highlighting across the mode, foot and shoulder pad. Excellently done with "the star" flare on the head. That really impressed me.

    1. Cheers dude, looking over this now i still have a lot to do on this beast. I just cant think that ive got another 14 to go in this box! But i should be thinking "YAY! ive got another 14 more to paint!" and two wraithlords and a wraithknight.. the next step is the black gems dotted around and the handles for the swords. Also going to do couple of little tuffts of grass coming through the cracks. doing a whole japanese garden on the base of the wraithknight so look out for that too :) loving the eldar!