Saturday, December 19, 2015

30k Solar Auxillia: Thunderbolts.

Air support for my Solar Auxillia!! Why on earth would anyone only have one of these. They are gorgeous hotrods of the sky. 
The Thunderbolt Heavy Fighters. 

Both were fixer-uppers. One generously donated by one of my fantastic club friends Mönk. 

There were some missing parts, pipes, guns, landing struts, etc. but re-building and gap filling were no big deal. 

As for the paint scheme, I have steered away from my usual freehand, and horrific battle damage, and gone for a more utilitarian functionality to it. 

My thinking was that if a transport gets hit it gets patched up and sent back out, but a fighter explodes hitting the ground at the speed of sound. 

So these guys have survived battles, quick turn around refuling, and some accidents, but ultimately aces of the sky. 

Just the bases to do when my Perspex rods arrive and they will be ready for the air. Next up are my 40 man lasrifle section. 2 Dracosan transports. 6 Ogryn Caronites. Medical team ... Thallax team.. Urg 

Happy painting all! And merry Christmas!

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