Friday, March 4, 2016

An aside

I don't talk about my life outside of this hobby that much, some of my regular readers might know that I am a visual effects artist. I've been an industry professional for about 8 years now and worked on some big films. Gravity, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy. And as such I am usually quite relaxed about starting at a new company. No matter what you do. As with any job you get tired and run down by the hours, or the pay, or the work. 

But recently I accepted a position as a senior artist at Industrial Light & Magic. And while I can imagine many of my peers in the visual effects industry rolling their eyes at this grandiose delectation saying "it's just another company" or "just another job". But this means a lot more to me. 

ILM is not only a fore runner for visual effects but it's practical effects and miniatures department is second to none. 

And that's the crux. From every Star Wars film to Laberinth it's been an important part of my childhood, and it's pretty special for me to land this job. A company that respects the hobby that I love and the skills that I've spent my life learning. 

Needless to say I won't be talking about what titles I've been working on, but this will explane my absence on this blog for a while. Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog. And as usual. Happy painting. 
Have a drink on me. I'm living the dream ;) 

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