Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eleanor pt 4

Not just a big update but a new camera! the depth of field on these pictures is horrible and I'm sorry, but as soon as I've worked out how to change the settings on it ill put some more pictures up. this isn't finished yet. still the rest of the dragon, couple of details on the throne, wings and tree and base to do... hmm maybe this isn't much of an update after all. but Eleanor is finished! down to the eye makeup and lipstick. definitely my most detailed work to date.


  1. sick model mate, great paintjob on this.
    I recognize the dragon from forgeworld(carmine?) but not the model on the gal and the draping.

    1. i wish i could say the gal ontop was all me but only the banner im afraid. its a kit with the FW Carmine. beautiful model.