Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Imperial Knight: Freeblade Atgos

"ATGOS the silent" strides forth. Half hidden symbols and heraldry cover his armour from an unrecognisable house.

Fighting alongside his comrades from the Freeblade troupe the Sabers of the Emporer, steeped in mystery his, more loud and boystroys, comrades say he has never left his armor. Although rumors among the crew say that the quiet teenage boy seen in the entourage is this enigmatic character.   


  1. great job there! Especially like the pose and the base. Inspiring, and better than the Eavy Metal versions.

  2. Great work, Henry. Give yourself a pat on the back and grab a pint, or cool beverage if you don't imbibe.

  3. Very nice. The off-white armour is beautiful.

    Was reposing the "miniature" difficult?

    1. Cheers dude, I had some crazy plans for this but i think the subtlety worked out well. the legs i thought were going to be a nightmare. but it was mega easy i literally just snapped them in half with my hands. if you have a look at the joints they are already thinned under the joint. so a firm grip and some dutch courage and its done. haha