Tuesday, March 18, 2014

INQ28: Mechanicum Mother Superior 6d617279 WIP

Mother Superior 6d617279:

Forgeworld Phaeton throws up many strange differences in dogma and its praise of the Omnissiah. One such oddity is Mother Superior 6d617279. 

Phaeton had extremely strong ties to the knight household of The Emperors Lance, their knights took the livary of the Legio Atarus and Marched with them across many worlds. The countess Mary de la Bonacieux followed her husband and the head of the household to every battle fought. Stitching his wounds herself and learning the secrets of the knight suits. Even going so far as to have a sword made from the broken armour plates of the "Fell hand" the Knight Errant of the Count. But as is the fate of all knights, he fell after nearly 200 years as head of the household. And Mary fled to the Forgeworld Phaeton to find some solace in the emotionless steel hands of the Omnissiah. 

Many years later 6d617279 rose through the ranks of the Forgeworlds priesthood with phenomenal speed. Clutching the sword of Mary de la Bonacieux and held aloft by cherubs and hundreds of servoskulls, she became the closest thing to a saint of the Omnissiah that the tech-priesthood has. Taking a warband of her closest servants and supplicants with her, she followed the knights of the Emperors lance as their herald and primary tech-priestess. 

(6d617279 is Mary in Hexdecimal :)

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  1. That is an incredible model. Great job - can't wait to see it painted!