Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Liebster Award!

Hello all!
I really only use this blog to post pictures, fluff, and tutorials so it never occured to me that anyone would want to know what else happens.

I was recently the recipient of the "Liebster Award" from Adam Wier over on "The Bolter and Me" ( An awesome blog with amazing taste. As a way to introduce me to a few more people and pass the torch. As my blog is now receiving about 1k hits a week I'm thinking I should probably start to take it a little more seriously!

Each nominee is asked to state eleven truths about themselves, answer eleven questions from the blogger who nominated them and finally come up with a series of eleven questions they would like their nominees to answer.

Well without further ado here goes:

Eleven Truths:

1) I find it hard to follow my own advice sometimes. (I'm looking at you "water down your paints")

2) I have only finished painting one army in my whole painting career. Thus the switch to INQ28.

3) I recently received my Oscar for my work as a VFX artist on the film Gravity. I'm not a proud man I'm straight up gloating about this.

4) I, more often than I will admit, daydream I'm a spacemarine blasting my way through the crowds on the way to work on the London underground in the morning.

5) The reason I got back into painting again was because I was buying my flat a few years ago and the mortgage process was stressing me out so much I needed something to take my mind off it.

6) It comes as a shock to me how many people don't appear to be having fun while doing this hobby. Rule sticklers and pedants I have no time for. What we do isn't cool enough to be angry about right?!

7) I buy minitures now by impulse. Almost a muscle spasm.

8) I paint better after 1 1/2 pints of beer or two glasses of wine.

9) I have another blog where I put a load of my NSFW sculpture, drawings, CG, and paintings. From making prop weapons to drawing porn, you'll find it there. Not been updated for a while now.

10) I am 30.

11) I have run out of things to say.

Eleven Answers:

Eisenhorn or Ravenor?  
Eisenhorn. No. Ravenor... Eisenhorn.

What is your favorite aspect of the miniature hobby?

Will dread Cthulhu rise from his sunken city of R’lyeh?

Only a matter of time.

Who is your favorite artist?

James Jean.

If you are about to embark on a long drive with nothing to think about, what musical album would you want to listen to?

Audiobooks. I'm obsessed with audiobooks.

Have you ever played the cRPG: Planescape: Torment?


Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine recently switched formats and is now weekly, thoughts?

I like it! 

Is the Alpha Legion the Imperium’s doom or their salvation?

DOOOM. Also I'm looking forward to what FW will do with the primarch/s! Are we just going to get a £50 space marine!?

Benchmade or Spyderco?

Had to google these. Ummm Benchmade?

What boardgame would you most like to play this weekend?


Who is your favorite sculptor?

Simon "SpiderZero" Lee.

Eleven(10) Blogs Nominated:

The elequent and talented John Ashton. A great read with plenty of eye candy, and one of my main motivators and oldest friends.

My favourite INQ28 blogs. so much inspiration from here.

The only place for tutorials on absolutely anything.

When you need inspiration from outside the world of 40k:

Whenever anyone says "why arn't their any girls doing this?". Or "who's one of the most talented painters you can think of?"

Best darn painting tuition in the galaxy.

What the hells going on? And what do I look at?

(I'ts not a blog but I use this site everyday for reference at work and at home your welcome!)

And finally the Eleven Questions for my nominees:

1) Your most satisfying moment while painting.
2) Your worst painting disaster.
3) Can you "cheat" while painting. And is it wrong if you can?
4) The one tip you would tell yourself when you started painting
5) How do you get over your painting block?
6) Pub garden or trendy winebar?
7) Which Chaos god would you sell your soul to?
8) Who do you blame for getting you into miniture painting?
9) What hobby would you be doing if you didn't do this?
10) Chocolate or jellybeans?
11) What do you listen to while painting?

Thanks for reading!
And thanks for the nomination!

Henry South.


  1. You know, I would have nominated you, but for some reason thought your blog was, I don't know how to say it - too professional to nominate? Intimidatingly good would be another phrase. I don't even regard myself as in the same league!

    10,000 hits a week? I'm only just over 60,000 hits ever!

    1. Good freaking lord! That was meant to be 1k hits a week. lol Sorry!

  2. haha Henry, I thought you were a closet celeb what with oscars and 10k hits a week! 1k a week is still really impressive. Keep it up

  3. Hi, I am a fellow nominee by Adam Wier, and I just stumbled over your answers.
    You also picked Simon Lee! *mind blown*

    1. Simon Lee is a godlike sculptor right! His Alien vs Pred diorama is possibly the best scale sculpting I've ever seen. Great minds think alike mate!