Monday, November 24, 2014

Knight Castigator: Ha'Noon the Indomitable

Henry 'Hotspur' Percy

Ha'Noon watched the 100tons of adamantium and rage of his lancers barrel past him into the thick of the frey. Knowing that the orders had been given and anything said now would be futile. The brutal and red mind of the Marshal of Phen'brook and the needle blade of the freeblade Thanatos. Their armour in a shocking state of disrepair compared to his own. He was not fastidious but knew what it meant to see a commander and to know you have seen a leader.

The Castigator pattern armour was unique. Heavy plates protected every inch of its bulk nearly doubling the weight of his "lighter" wards. Intricate scrollwork and the history of its owners was writ large upon his shell. His name was Indomitable, and Ha'Noon was adding his mind to the mighty solid tacticians mind of the machine.

Movement from the left resulted in the armour pivoting on its axis before Ha'Noon had reacted. The sign of a perfect sync between metal and man. The bolt cannon fired. No gaudy showboating. No dramatic whine of barrels gathering speed. A solid, unstoppable, wall of fire and warheads that simply removed the target and surrounding hab blocks. Regulating the surge of adrenaline, that came as the machine mind briefly revelled in its own power, Ha'Noon strode after his household. Not commanding but nudging and trusting their pilots and armour to anticipate the tides of war.

*Thanks for reading guys. I find writing a little background in this mid stage really gets me ready to finish a project. I'll be doing a breakdown and a full shoot at the end including how I made the extra armour plating and a little bit about freehand mini calligraphy.

Happy Painting!

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