Sunday, February 1, 2015

Iron Sleet invitational

Thought I would introduce my readers to both a fantastic blog and tell you all about a very cool modeling and painting invitational! Get in and follow the fun in this clash of creativity!

Iron Sleet is a blog started by Kari, Migs, and Mikko. 3 crazy good painters who have graced White Dwarf and walked away with all sorts of well deserved accolades for their work. And last year I joined them in the fantastic Blanchjitsu article! Putting my models to shame. Below you can see their awesome talent.




Yeah I know. Mentally good.

So the rules are as follows:
Iron Sleet Invitational 1 – All your Bases Are Belong To Us
  • pick a strong theme that studies the Warhammer 40000 universe, or it’s history!
  • build and convert 3 models that are
  • each based on a differently sized citadel base that have been creatively enhanced to really tell the narrative and make it a group. (25, 32, 40, 50, 60mm… or biker base, or flyer or…)
  • we encourage to make the three individuals as different in physique, stature, movement, category as possible, while maintaining the group identity.
  • start and announce of invitational February 1st
  • WIP pictures in Black and White from all contestants March 1st. (but many bloggers intend to share their progress as they go, including us!)
  • Final results of finished miniatures April 1st

My plan is to continue with my knight household but with the leader of the household in his ceremonial terminator-type armor on a palaquine of some sort, Maybe one of the 50mm. A 40mm based astropath and a knight on their big bad ass flyer base. Cant wait to get started on this! I'll make sure I keep everyone up to speed on the other entrants too.

Happy painting!

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