Thursday, April 16, 2015

Raffle: An emotional hobby month

Dear raffle supporters and readers,
I've been writing this post for a while in my head and am just getting around to putting it down on digital paper now. A few days ago I received this letter that I felt should be sent to everyone supporting the raffle.

When I started the raffle/charity page on just giving ( I was feeling pretty powerless to help really support the cause. I thought, maybe, I could get £50 to a good cause if I offered enough incentive. This turns out to be pretty pessimistic on my part. Within the first week we had £600, two weeks in it was closing in on £1000 and at the time of writing this we just hit £1,237.50. Not from people throwing the odd £1 for a chance at a prize but supporting a cause that has destroyed so many lives through dementia and other degenerative mental illnesses. 

I've had to stop reading the comments left on the page while I'm at work for fear of having a little cry. It is truly moving to read the stories of so many in this community that have been affected by it. My thoughts go out to you and yours, I've read every comment on the page and each one has been heartbreaking.

But there is a wonderful reminder we aren't pissing into the wind. At the end of March WE received this email. And this is really all you! Gold stars all round.

From everyone supporting or donating to the raffle your bloody heroes.

12 days to go before I draw the names of the winners! Spread the word!


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