Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Van Saar:The dust gate orb weavers pt1

The Orb Weavers are a unique and strange gang. Sent down to the edges of the hive bottom to intercept incoming ash storms with intricate webs of nano molecular magnets to collect, what house Van Saar suspect, are nano-bots. Spread across the ash wastes and slowly converging back on the Hive. Some sort of self repair program that will fix all their ailing STC.

But for the last 7 years all they have got is rad sick, a particularly high tolerance to standing in sand, and into the habit of wearing their camo cloaks and rebreathers everywhere. It's slowly dawning on the Orb Weavers that maybe they were sent down into the depths for a different reason.

Just two finished so far, but more on the way! 

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