Monday, September 23, 2013

Howling Griffons: Freehand banner

I have a full rundown on exactly my steps are for painting the howling griffon and how to make and paint the banner that I am currently working on, but unfortunately no time to sort and write up the tutorial on it! So here are a few pics to whet your appetite for when it appears.

Here is the banner for my howling griffons at around 90% done, needs final glazes for highlights and shadow but basically its all there, and my chapter master. I want all my models helmetless and beardy and grizzled.

C&C always welcome and appreciated!

And finally my sketches for the banner, I drew it a few times to make sure I could do it justice at such small scale. If I couldn't draw it with a pencil I knew I would struggle with a paintbrush. 

thanks for watching!


  1. That's really gorgeous paint. What did you use for the banner material?

    1. blister pack plastic. held it next to a bare lightbulb to soften and mould it. next time ill be doing a lot more moulding!