Friday, December 8, 2017

The Lowthian Bells Pt I

Endless waves of bleached grey ash spread across the surface of Necromunda. Hundreds of kilometres of toxic desert separate each desperate settlement in this barren land. 

Out of this brutal environment stalk the Lowthian Bells. Once an enforcer crew of house Escher under the name of the Neon Valkyries, fourty strong, they were sent to an ash wastes settlement to solve a couple of “issues” with the Scavvies disrupting the flow of toxins that grow under the radioactive clouds that surround the hive. But once out on their own a storm made it impossible for them to re-enter the hive proper. Thought dead by their house, and their turf divvied up between the Goliaths of the Jagged Aggressors and the Orlocks their name was soon forgotten. 

It was two years before the storm subsided enough to have the Southern gates reopened. Usually a time of great jubilation in a hive sector as family’s are reunited or travelers return with tales and treasures. This time was different. Ten white haired and leather clad women strode through the gates that day ahead of the traders and dross from the wastes. None from outside the gates would talk of what these ten had done. What horrors they had inflicted. Or what they planned next. 

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