Friday, November 8, 2013

My current projects! Pic heavy.

You may have seen a brief glimpse of my Tau army flashing up on eBay... and everywhere. I got board and threw it up without thinking. After my 5th email about better pictures within 20mins of it going live I thought I better re-think :)

So here's Some decent pictures of the army and a few misc stuff I'm working on.

A WIP from a tutorial I'm working on! Great fun coming back to these models months after they were released.

The start of next years GD entry? Read a great article about entering GD over on Massive Voodoo. I'm entering to loose for the next couple of years then ill be coming out swinging!

Super fun commission for a new client.

My Tau Army, Soon to be re-listed on eBay, watch this space for the posting.

Thanks for watching!
HJS Painting