Monday, February 25, 2019

Touching cloth: sculpting folds of fabric in greenstuff 

Hello there! I’ve been sculpting a hell of a lot of cloth for my necromunda gangs lately and received quite a few messages asking how I go about ... touching cloth.

So here we go!
Tool list:
•Two bits of clear plastic (the plastic from the clam shell packages are ideal.)
•Petrolium jelly. Any Vaseline will do. I’m using sculpting Vaseline.
•Greenstuff. You can give it a go with miliput but I’ve not tried it. And greenstuff is pliable.
•Sculpting tools.
•Razor blades.

Right let’s do this.
First you want to cut your plastic into two sheets

Rub a little Vaseline onto each to stop the greenstuff sticking
Place your green stuff between and squish and move the plastic until you have the right thickness for what your wanting. A firm even pressure for best results. It’s really easy to stick the greenstuff to the plastic. But this system is so quick if you mess up it’s easy to try again.

Now cut away the excess until you have your base cloth. Using your sculpting tools pick it up to avoid fingerprints and push it into place. Don’t rush this step. Greenstuff has a long drying time so you have lots of time to work it into the right shape.

I use a rubber sculpting tool to push it into position, I start by getting the corners and pushing them into voids in the model with a cocktail stick, under shoulder pads or hip pads are best. Then using a small rubber sculpting tool manipulate it into shape, if you don't have one of these get a cheap pencil with a rubber on the end and shave it into a chisel shape. boom cut price sculpting tool. Don't use dental tools for this step. although you may feel you have more control with them you will end up squashing it into shapes with hard edges. The rubber tools are the way to go. Now leave to dry and presto, loin cloths, cloaks, and drying human skins for days!

Image result for rubber sculpting tools

Greenstuff sculpting is still quite a new area for me too so this is very much my own uninformed opinion. Good luck. And happy painting.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Van Saar: The dust gate orb weavers Finished!

After a bloody age of these guys sitting on my desk I've only gone and finished them! And I'm really happy with how they came out.

As it's been 7 months since I did the concept for them I'll recap whats been done.

Each one has padding sculpted between the hips, neck, ankles and shoulders to make them stand a couple of mm taller and adjust the poses significantly. Cloaks were greenstuff rolled out between two pieces of plastic coated with a little olive oil then sculpted into position.

I've kept the metals NMM so as to get the contrast I wanted and keep the colour pallete manageable.
The colours I settled on are a bit of a classic as the models were quite busy I didn't want to make it jarring. So turquoise and orange over muted bases are always a good bet.

Enjoy the photodump!

and happy painting! See you next week for my Delaque plans!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Van Saar:The dust gate orb weavers pt1

The Orb Weavers are a unique and strange gang. Sent down to the edges of the hive bottom to intercept incoming ash storms with intricate webs of nano molecular magnets to collect, what house Van Saar suspect, are nano-bots. Spread across the ash wastes and slowly converging back on the Hive. Some sort of self repair program that will fix all their ailing STC.

But for the last 7 years all they have got is rad sick, a particularly high tolerance to standing in sand, and into the habit of wearing their camo cloaks and rebreathers everywhere. It's slowly dawning on the Orb Weavers that maybe they were sent down into the depths for a different reason.

Just two finished so far, but more on the way! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Lowthian Bells: Finished

 Thats all 10 members complete!
What a joy to paint! So lets take a closer look at my toys!

Marie Hardheart: Princess of the wastes and the driving force of the Lowthian Bells. Like all of the Bells her hair was bleached bright white by the toxic exposure although unlike others of the household she declined to dye it again.

Bolter/needle rifle
chem grenades

Mary Kingslayer: Armed with twin plasma pistols found in a container deep in the wastes Mary has always been one to take risks, almost impossible to give orders to. She can usually be found 40 feet from the battle smoking slightly.. and giggling to herself after one of her horribly unstable weapons misfires.

Plasma Pistols x2
chem granades
stiletto knife

 Freya Star: A crack shot with her old reliable lasgun, She kept the gang alive while in the wastes by picking off the carrion birds and rats at hundreds of yards to feast on. 

Frag grenades

Ida Lau: Never the best shot in the gang Ida does have the fastest draw. Her auto pistol appears as if from nowhere ... and usually misses. But while her opponent is diving for cover there's always her trusty knife at hand. 

Chem grenades

 Eva Ashström: The Bells avoid Eva while back at their hideout, some say their long stay in the ash wastes have turned her to the wyrd. Painting her face and adorning her weapons and clothes with skulls she names and talks to during the night cycles. 


Shar: Hard drinking and hearty laughing, Shar is the life and soul of the gang. Gifted with "The Twins" her auto-pistols when she initiated into the gang proper, shes never happier than when shes turning rivals into red mist.

Auto-Pistols x2

A'Meir: Foregoing any projectile weapons A'meir stalks the pipes and sewers around the gangs bar. A look of surprise is often found on the severed heads she brings back to adorn her living quarters.

Power swords x 2

Sara "the Surgeon" Sanmasdottier: It won't be clean and it wont be quiet. After losing an eye Sara switched her lasgun for the angriest loudest thing she could find. And it works.

Frag grenades

Maz Curie: an expert in all things toxic and deadly. Not great company but just the kind of person you want on your side in a gang war. Maybe don't shake her hand either. after years of using her chem-thrower there isn't much about her that isn't highly toxic. Although she has been talking about swapping out ol'faithful for something heavier... and louder.


Cassy Lovelace: A ganger through and through. Spending her creds on upgrading her gear, booze, and boys.