Tuesday, March 24, 2015

40k Assassin kill team conversions

Took some pretty pictures of my kill team so far. I guess it will turn into more of a squadron once I'm all done. I have such plans.

I'll give you the list but I want to save the details as a surprise:
Ordo Scriptorum deletion squad
Omnissiahs blade
Cryotube containment ram

Please find parts list at the end of each character shoot.


Without further ado here is my latest finished model, the Callidus Assassin. Had a few fancy ideas about her morphing into or from another character, but whos to say I cant do two!

The conversion list is quite simple, but the modifications were extensive:
Head: Demonette
Hair: Wood elf witches on horseback
Body arms and legs: Harliquins kit
Pistol: Necron weapon, bolt pistol, Scions gubbins
Blades: Scions.


Amazing fun to do, and with a real sense of story in this one. The conversion/greenstuff didn't come out exactly how I wanted, but he does the job. I think I was too excited about starting the Callidus to give it the full attention it deserved.

The parts I used are as follows.
Head: Greenstuff pipes and big head, servo skull, gravaton gun, FW mechanicum pipe end.
Body: FW rogue psyker, heavily scraped and sanded.
Legs: Scions cut and greenstuffed to give it a little more height and pose.
Weapons: Catachan Jungle fighters.


This model came out pretty much fully formed. As if it was just waiting to be made. I've loved the character for years but found the original model didn't have the dynamism or terrifying aspect the fluff describes.

Head: Skull cut from scenery, back of head from Scions.
Body: Imperial Guard Command Squad
Left arm: greenstuff and Catachan Jungle fighters arm, vials from Dark Eldar... something, pipes made from metal guitar strings. Sholder pad from Ork kit.
Right arm: Scions, needle gun from Dark Eldar, green stuff pipes.
Legs: Dark Elf assassin, greenstuff, scions loincloth. 
Misc: Scions, IG Ogryns.

Friday, March 20, 2015


And this one has been kept under my hat for a little while. Stuart Thomas, old school 'eavy metal painter from 92 - 2001 and studio head over at Sublime Brushworks (www.sublimebrushwork.blogspot.co.uk) kindly got in touch the day after the raffle went live and offered to paint two perfect chunks of history especially for the raffle. Rincewind the "Wizzard" and the Luggage. Two iconic models and painted beautifully as you can see.

Still loads of time to enter the raffle and be in with a chance of winning these exquisit gems, my, or Peters models and of corse an original John Blanche illustration, just by donating anything you can on the just giving page.


We are about to hit £1000 so its already done amazingly well.

The raffle closes on April the 28th 2015 and I'll do everything within my power to contact the winners. But mainly posting your names on my blog to get in touch for postal addresses etc.

Thank you again you beautiful hobby people.

Henry, John, Peter and Stuart.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Win more Blanchitsu models!


Peter Hudson, better known as PDH, and one of the original few selected to be in the Blanchitsu articles in visions, has donated one of his creations!

Peter was one of the first names I came across when I started to destroy my models and jam them back together again in interesting ways. And his female inquisitor was nearly copied wholesale by me for my first bit of converting.

I'll hand over to Peter now to explain:

"I have only ever read one Terry Pratchett book and that was Good Omens; and I read that book because of Neil Gaiman. I thoroughly enjoyed Good Omens but I've never bothered to read anything else by Pratchett. I never really thought much about him until my Grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. So over the last few years Terry Pratchett has has been inspiring with the way he dealt with the illness and his stand on euthanasia. 

Alzheimer's Support is something very important so I'd also like to raffle off one of my models featured in Blanchitsu. To stick with Henry's Mechanicus theme I've decided on a Mechanicus Scrap Dealer made specifically for last summer's game with Fulgrim, Johan, John B, Migsula, Neil and Tears of Envy .  

Now, perhaps a little late, I am going to read The Colour of Magic."
Thank you Peter! And everyone else who has entered so far. We are just past the £500 mark. And with only 48 people donating your still in with a good chance. And who says you cant donate more than once! 
Enter the raffle by giving whatever you can to Alzheimers support at the link below. And check back on this blog on the 28th of April to see if your name has been picked out of the hat.

Thanks again, this is what a community is really all about.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Culexus Assassin

The next part of my Assassins re-invention project is the Culexus. I was worried about this one, a real enigma in terms of fluff and the model itself. Of which I've only seen two. The regular GW one and one other conversation. What was missing for me in the models I've seen is the unstoppable assassin, T2000 style. Just walking towards his target invisible as death flows around him. Fearless and soulless. I tried the thin legs from the haliquins kit but they didn't give off the bad ass look I was going for. This guy doesn't need to move fast. 
So here are my wip pics!

Started as this guy. Classic 40k pointing. Got half way through the sculpt and dropped it. Too close to the GW one. 

So I went this way with it. 

Thanks for reading and have a scroll through the last couple of posts to win some of my models or an original John Blanche! In memory of Terry Pratchett. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Win an original John Blanche illustration

That's right. The prize pool has been donated to by my friend and one of the founders of Games Workshop John Blanche himself. The man who created the images of the world of GW we love. 

This is an original and one off piece in ink and pen. And you could win it simply by donating to the Alzheimer's support just giving page below to be entered into the raffle. 

And don't forget to subscribe to this blog to see if your name is picked out on the 28th of April. What would have been Terry's birthday. 

Thank you for all your support and keep an eye on the blog as more of the Blanchitsu crew have been rallying around to enter and donate models to the pool. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Win my Blanchjitsu models

Want to win some of the Blanchjitsu models published in Visions issue 8?

Give whatever you can on the just giving page and your name will be picked out of a hat at the end of the month. If it does really well I'll put up more models and pick out more names. All proceeds will go to the Alzheimers society.

Just giving page: www.justgiving.com/modelsForTerry/

Subscribe to the blog to keep an eye out for your name on the 28th of April 2015. What would have been Terrys birthday. Please feel free to share this post.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

RIP Terry Pratchett

Science Fiction and Fantasy writers have influenced our hobby for as long as our hobby has existed. And one of the most influential people in my life passed away today. Terrys books got me into reading when I didn't want to as a child, In fact probably gave me the motivation to overcome any disadvantage my dyslexia gave me so I could continue to read his work. He created a universe that I still go back to when I feel sad or uninspired. Created characters that I could not only relate to but want to emulate.

As beloved as a member of my family, I owe where I am and the work I create, in a very large part, to him.

Thank you Terry, now I think you have an appointment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Evesor Assassin: Finished

Amazing fun modelling and painting this guy. Really felt like I had achieved exactly what I had set out to do. Ill probably be tinkering with the paint scheme for a while to come. This is the first time I've used Tamiya Clear Red and im never going back!

If you fancy one for yourself drop me an email at the address above and we can talk turkey! Or blood and rust.