Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Titan Arrives!

I've taken the plunge and bought a Warlord titan. I love it. Everything about it. It's huge and beautifully sculpted and just a giant blank slate to go mental on.

With that in mind, and knowing that this will be months and months of work, I've started a new blog to document every step of the way. Please join me on to see the tip of the iceburg!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Knight Finished: Alfred, Herald of the Last Dawn


Really happy with how this has turned out! Spent the time to work out the pose properly and give it the love a model like this needs. There have been many WIPs of this guy over the last few months so here are some pics of the finished guy. He looks better in the flesh, hope to get him to a few shows this year. 

And finally some good news! my Pup Alfie is eating again, or at least nibbling. and if all is well he will be back with me on Saturday!

Thanks for reading and happy painting.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's not all guns and muscles


And now for something completely different! I've been mega busy on loads of projects at the moment but the big one is my upcoming wedding to my beautiful lady Rosie. As my something blue to her I'm painting her shoes in a delfts blue pattern.

Happy painting people!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Knights, banners, cargo cults and companions.

My latest knight lancer Alfred Von Salkin "The Herald". 

While most knights in the household display writings, or depictions, of the relics brought from terra in the first great expansion, "The Herald" has them emblazoned into huge banners and tapestries sewn or weaved by the wives and widows of all of the Knights. 

Each banner would tell a tale, of the dark Angels arriving, of the battles fought against the traitor Horus, or deeds done by other notable Knights.  

Alfred has piloted the herald for over a century, and with many juve processes and the vitality of a man of 20 years, he looks to see another century pass by. 

The chest pennants depicting the household landing on their planet defeating the local alien threat and the Dark Angels intervening in a battle with Horus!

A little fluff with your post readers?! Why not. It's been a funny one this past few weeks. Going from super productive to not standing the site of my paintbrushes. So let's start with the knight. 

It looks like I'll be finished with him tomorrow! Back and forth with this one so much I wouldn't know where to start with a rundown but it's been fun! And below I'll show you how I did his fluttering banners! 

Start by cutting your shape from 1mm plastic. You can buy this in 1metre square sheets from most good art shops. 

Neaten the edges with a sanding tool or sandpaper. 

Now light a candle, preferably one in a glass container as shown. Holding the plastic about 5inches above the flame you should be able to slowly bring the plastic to maximum flexibility. You can be really tough with this plastic. It will retain its shape forever. 

Continue the process of molding the plastic into the shape you want. In this instance I wanted to look as if the knight is bringing its lance around fast and the pennant is fluttering around the shaft. 

Once it's in the desired shape give it a blast with the base coat can or airbrush. Any decent primer will cover it smoothly with no problem! Then paint! 

Enough tutorial and fluff. Here is a tasty bit of reference that I snapped on a holiday by the seaside last week! For if people say that damage shouldn't be edge highlighted!

My second Necomunda cargo cult guy is done! The astrologer! Maybe I have been busy. 

And finally some real things that all this is just a distraction from. On Sunday I snagged the sciatic nerve in my spine essentially crippling myself and my dog had to be rushed to hospital. 
It's been pretty horrific. He's my best friend and adventure buddy and it turns out I can't watch scary films without him. Alfie not being with me right now and the thought that he might be scared and alone is just mind bendingly painful for me. More than not being able to put on my own trousers. 
Everything crossed and good vibes from all that we'll be back to normal soon. 
Thanks for reading and happy painting. 
H & A