Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Van Saar: The dust gate orb weavers Finished!

After a bloody age of these guys sitting on my desk I've only gone and finished them! And I'm really happy with how they came out.

As it's been 7 months since I did the concept for them I'll recap whats been done.

Each one has padding sculpted between the hips, neck, ankles and shoulders to make them stand a couple of mm taller and adjust the poses significantly. Cloaks were greenstuff rolled out between two pieces of plastic coated with a little olive oil then sculpted into position.

I've kept the metals NMM so as to get the contrast I wanted and keep the colour pallete manageable.
The colours I settled on are a bit of a classic as the models were quite busy I didn't want to make it jarring. So turquoise and orange over muted bases are always a good bet.

Enjoy the photodump!

and happy painting! See you next week for my Delaque plans!