Monday, February 4, 2013

Eleanor, princess of Altdorf

Right. So phase 2 of my Altdorf army is its commander. I was planning a nuln army the whole time until I painted those Demigryphs. Love painting red and blue and gold. Looks so regal. So. Converting the ‘Graveyard Rose’ Elspeth von Draken on her carmine dragon is my next level. Going to really give 100% on the freehand of this. It's a beast but I need something to throw myself at. I've snipped off her lovely scythe and replaced it with a scary blank canvas! At least it fits beautifully. Also going to add some feathers and shields to her mount to make it feel a little more Altdorf. Ill be good with updates of this. If only for the proof I actually did it!!

As for rules I'm hoping who ever comes up against it will be happy for me to use the old Elspeth von Draken ones!


  1. That Dragon model looks bad ass! Which model kit is this again?

    1. this is the awesome forgeworld

      im currently sculpting some banner hereldry for her. its a bitch doing fine stuff in greenStuff