Thursday, September 12, 2013

Painting with water

I'm forcing myself to improve, just joined the 'eavy metal Facebook group and realised I can't paint well. I just paint. So blending and brush control are the watch words this month! Here's the outcome of the evening painting with nothing but glazes. Time consuming but worth it!
And this is just preparing for my howling griffon. 


  1. hey like the look of what your doing would you mind sending me the link for the facebook group please
    El Reevo

    1. Cheers dude. It's just called 'eavy metal. Stay lucky!

  2. You're a good painter. You have skill. I think it's great that your endeavouring to expand your painting skills. To say that you can't paint well is incorrect. You probably heard the phrase differently. Basically if think you won't be able to do something, then you won't do it. Self defeating behaviour.

  3. Ah! I get ya. True that. Unfortunately I'm extremely English. So to say that I'm competent at something is insain lol. Thank you mate.