Monday, April 27, 2015

Salute, Robots and Raffles last day!

I've lit the fuse on my Stompy War Bastards army! Sent into pacify a planet before a hive tower was built the army will be pulling itself out of the rad-wastes in the underhive! Cannot get enough of these models. And I have a lot more sitting on my desk begging for a lick of paint. Going with black, dirty white, bronze, and gold for these. Red cracked and sandy bases with bright blue OSL which should hurt the eyes if I get the contrast just so.

Salute was awesome! And as usual I go in with a couple of ideas of what I want and end up putting my mortgage at risk by buying far far too much.

Read all about it on my good friend Johns blog! For pictures and eloquence.

And finally the raffle, "Raffles last day" sounds like a boys book from the 80s, "Raffles goes to war"!
It's been beautifully moving to see the community come out in droves to donate and support, said it so much over the last month but you guys are fucking champions. With the penultimate count being £1,343.23 and a hundred and one of you joining in its been a resounding success. So much so that I am thinking about making it an annual thing. Just like Terrys books and our art, it's not going anywhere but hopefully we can make a difference every year :)

Still time to enter or enter again, just like buying raffle tickets you can buy more than one at

Thank you all!

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